We love Jentl because they want to help us all live a sustainable lifestyle with minimal impact (oh and they also donate 10% to Rainforest Rescue).

Why make the switch?

Because they are 100% natural and compostable alternatives to exfoliate your face and body. Also, if you have ever used a bar of soap in the shower and haven't been able to control the slippery bits – the soap saver bag is for you! Minimise your waste and having to bend over in the shower...

Konjac Sponge

The Konjac sponge is the perfect way to gently cleanse and exfoliate your face, stimulating blood flow in a natural way.

We love this little guy because it's natural, completely zero waste and minimises your daily routine by replacing cleanser, exfoliator and disposable make up wipes.

How to use: The sponge will be hard when dry so rinse before use and squeeze a few times until it softens. Massage into skin in circular motions either on its own or with a small amount of cleanser. Rinse sponge after use and hang to dry. 

The lifecycle: It will last up to 3 months with daily use then just dispose of it in your compost (or normal bin if you don't have a compost).

Whats inside: 100% natural, made from the Konjac vegetable plant root (similar to a potato), making it vegan, sustainable and home compostable! 

What colour: Naturally coloured with Berries, Turmeric or Charcoal. Charcoal is said help tackle acne-prone and problematic skin.

What skin type: Perfect for all skin types and suitable for delicate skin as it is a gentle exfoliator.

pH neutral: Helping to maintain the natural ph levels of the skin, protecting it from bacterial and environmental damage.

What size: When dried approx. 7.5cm Diameter, 3cm height. When wet the sponge will expand and take its own softer shape. 

Packaging: Naked to minimise impact.

Soap Saver Bag

Made from woven loofah plant fibres the bag turns your ordinary soap into a gentle exfoliator for your body. Not only does it extend the life of your soap but it minimises the slippery bits that get washed down the drain. 

Use it as an alternative to synthetic exfoliators or exfoliating body wash – you would be surprised how many products shed microplastics or contain microbeads that end up in the ocean.

How to use: Simply place your soap inside the sack, rinse with water and lather up. Massage into skin in gentle circular motions to help increase blood flow and exfoliation (it can also be used on its own worn as a mitten). To extend the lifespan hang from the draw string to dry when not in use.

Whats inside: 100% natural, made from the loofah plant, a tropical vine that is commonly grown in temperate regions. The loofah plant is a vegetable, making it vegan, sustainable and home compostable!

What size: 12.5 x 9.5cm.

Packaging: Naked to minimise impact.