Palm Oil Update

This is an update we never want to write, but transparency is very important for us at Zilch.

One of our partner brands, Shampoo With A purpose, were unknowingly using an ingredient that contained a derivative of palm oil. Shampoo With A Purpose immediately replaced this ingredient with one that absolutely does not have any palm oil derivatives and this has been confirmed by Palm Oil Investigations to have no palm oil in their product. They've released a full statement outlining everything below, and we'd encourage to read it if you want to learn the full details.

Read Shampoo with a Purpose's full statement

At Zilch we promise every product in our boxes has zero traces of palm oil, a promise we take very seriously, and we're upset and disappointed to have broken that promise to you. Supporting palm oil production is horribly destructive in so many ways, both ethically and environmentally, and it's a reminder of how vital the ethics contract we get our partner brands to sign really is. 

I've personally followed up with all our other partner brands to ensure they do not use this derivative ingredient, and they've all since released their own statements clarifying they don't. We hope this gives everyone in the industry a moment's pause to reflect on the integrity of their own supply chain.

I'm here if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

Rach, Founder