Sensitive Skin

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A neutral unisex scent free from bi-carb soda. A calming blend of Organic butters, oils and bentonite clay blended with lavender and German chamomile essential oils.

Why we love this: Beautiful all natural deodorant balms, that neutralise odours rather than stopping your sweat. We love Wanderlightly for everything they do to empower others to reduce the plastic in their lifestyle (and the fact they donate 5% of their products to conservation projects).

Why make the switch: Aside from feeling great to use, every aspect of these products is compostable. That means when you’re done using these deodorants, you can put them straight into your recycling, compost bin or worm farm — no fuss no dramas.

How to use: Warm tube briefly in hands & push firmly from the bottom, leaving a few mms of balm peeking out. Apply to clean underarms, it will soften against warmth of skin.

Whats inside: Sweet almond oil, unrefined shea butter*, tapioca flour*, bentonite clay*, virgin hemp oil*, candelilla wax, essential oils - lavender, bergamot, tea tree, german chamomile. 
*Certified organic.