The Konjac sponge is the perfect way to gently cleanse and exfoliate your face, stimulating blood flow in a natural way.

We love this little guy because it's natural, completely zero waste and minimises your daily routine by replacing cleanser, exfoliator and disposable make up wipes.

How to use: The sponge will be hard when dry so rinse before use and squeeze a few times until it softens. Massage into skin in circular motions either on its own or with a small amount of cleanser. Rinse sponge after use and hang to dry. 

The lifecycle: It will last up to 3 months with daily use then just dispose of it in your compost (or normal bin if you don't have a compost).

Whats inside: 100% natural, made from the Konjac vegetable plant root (similar to a potato), making it vegan, sustainable and home compostable! 

What colour: Naturally coloured with Berries, Turmeric or Charcoal. Charcoal is said help tackle acne-prone and problematic skin.

What skin type: Perfect for all skin types and suitable for delicate skin as it is a gentle exfoliator.

pH neutral: Helping to maintain the natural ph levels of the skin, protecting it from bacterial and environmental damage.

What size: When dried approx. 7.5cm Diameter, 3cm height. When wet the sponge will expand and take its own softer shape. 

Packaging: Naked to minimise impact.