Our Story

This story started with a crisp gin and tonic, and a New Year’s resolution to stop putting plastic straws in them. Not one more plastic straw, not now, not ever. Great, we’re doing it! We’re already better humans. Parading around on our glorious high horses, basking in that new New Year’s resolution glow.

But the more I pulled at this thread the smaller this high horse felt. Plastic straws are tangible and obvious, but in every other daily ritual we had there were more hidden and subtle uses of plastic and unnecessary waste. I wanted alternatives that were better, for me and the planet, but understanding the actual impact was never ending tradeoffs. One product has natural ingredients, but packaged in plastic. Another might have no plastic at all, but contains traces of palm oil. I’m trying to be good, why isn’t this easier?!

So I started Zilch to make this a no brainer for you. Packs of products that have already gone through the strictest vetting process, so you don’t have to worry about which is best. Every single product has zero waste, not just an alternative with less waste. No plastic at all in the product, it’s packaging or shipping. And no bullshit, in the form of loopholes, guilt-trips, or cruelty in it’s production.

About Rach, our Founder

By night Rach is plotting how to take down plastic forever, and by day she is a Design Director, passionate about working on brands that care about people, the planet and the responsibility to do good.

Based in Marrickville with her husband and their toddler Mia, who really brought home just how much waste one little person can create. If you want to chat about literally anything, please get in touch — I’m always up for a chat.

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