We give back

While our mission is to prevent any more plastic waste going to landfills and oceans, we also wanted to do something about all the existing waste floating around. Waste that will take hundreds of years to breakdown in the ocean, and is being dumped in there at a rate that feels impossible to undo. The Seabin Project gives us hope. That’s why we have pledged to donate 1% of sales to support them.

A snippet from Seabin Project's site:

Right now there are 860 Seabins in the waters capturing nearly 4 thousand kilograms of debris EVERY DAY. Sydney is also their world first pilot city, trialling fully managed units in multiple Sydney Harbour locations. They estimate that in 12 months 28 tons of microplastics, marine litter and plastic fibres will be removed by filtering 4.3 billion litres of water. Oil, fuel and other surface pollutants are also filtered out. 500 million litres of water is filtered daily. Most importantly, these  units remove the rubbish we can’t see – the micro plastics.

We’ve loved seeing the impact our donations have made so far (thanks to you), and if you want to learn how the project works, or make your own donation, you can find out everything at their site here.

       1% for the Planet