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Make giving sustainably easy with our curated gift boxes.

  • beach lover gift box
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Gift box.

Obviously you’re giving this gift to your best friend in the whole wide world (great choice on gift and friend), and this gift box has everything they need to make an impact with their daily routine. You can EVEN write a personalised message. This box includes:

– Botanical Soap
– Ceramic Soap Dish
– Shampoo Bar
– Conditioning Bar
– Soap Saver Bag
– Konjac Sponge
– Compostable Cotton buds
– Gift Card


Gift voucher.

Obviously they would love it, but juuuuuust in case you’re not sure what they’d like, or think they’d like to choose themselves, we’ve got you a handy safe option of a gift voucher, with a message of your choice. This is also the perfection option if you have accidentally forgotten a gift for someone — no shipping delays!

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We’re always looking for new products to include in our packs, and if you’ve used one you love, please let us know! If it passes all our goodness checks and we put it into a pack, we’ll also give you 10% off your next order.

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